10 Reasons Why Shopify Ecommerce Platform is Great!

10 Reasons Why Shopify Ecommerce Platform is Great!

In the past few years, more and more people are focusing on using the Shopify platform for their online store. But why are they doing that? What makes the Shopify ecommerce platform such a good option for them? How does it fit their needs? Is it the perfect fit for me?  These are all valid questions and we, here at FlatPrice Apps, are ready to clarify some of those questions.


Is Shopify The Perfect Website Platform?

To put it bluntly… No. But then again, nothing is!  Shopify started out and still is, an ecommerce platform.  It excels at allowing almost anyone with very little experience to be up and selling online within hours!  And while Shopify makes selling on the internet almost as easy as creating a Facebook Profile – if you plan on creating any type of site that is NOT an online store – Shopify is probably not the option for your needs.

With that out of the way, lets look at why Shopify is such a great solution for creating your ecommerce website!


Shopify Is EXTREMELY Easy To Set Up

Setting up Shopify is very fast and easy. In fact, creating a Shopify store and adding products can take as little as 30 minutes but typically around an hour or two (depending on your website management experience).  And even if you struggle with set up – Shopify has an amazing support system that makes it easy to get the help you need!


Shopify is EASY to Integrate Payments!

Obviously, a major question is how do you get paid from your customers through your new Shopify online store? Lucky for all Shopify store owners, they support most payment providers out there – which means fewer headaches getting your web store to talk to your merchant processor!  Furthermore, even  if you don’t have a merchant processor yet – you can start by using Shopify’s in-house payment processor – STRIPE!  Finally, if you want to go an even simpler route and have a Paypal account – you can integrate your Paypal account with Shopify and be up and running in no time!


Multitudes of Unique Themes for Your Store!

You definitely want your Shopify website to be visually impressive and stand out from the crowd. Shopify offers tons of free and pay themes for almost any type of store and style out there! They make it super simple to install and turn on a new Shopify theme… So much so you could change your theme once a week and have a new look and feel every week for a few years!


You Need Store Reports – Shopify HAS Store Reporting!

Shopify really excels at helping you understand your store activity through their ecommerce reporting system. Granted, not all reports are available at the basic level – but enough are included at the start to get you going. As your store grows and you upgrade your Shopify plan you will continue to gain access to deeper store reporting such as: Top selling products, Missed revenue opportunities, Most viewed items, Products most added to cart and on and on.  Not only do the reports give you nearly complete visibility into your store activity – but utilizing these reports will be key to your store’s future success!


Gift Cards Make Great Gifts and Your Shopify Store Has Them!

Shopify also makes it ridiculously easy to create your own digital gift cards for your online store. This is a key sales tool that is not integrated with every other platform – but comes standard with Shopify! So now not only can your customers buy from your new Shopify Online Store, but your customer’s friends and family members can gift your customer with a gift card to your store as well!


Customize Your Shopify Site via CSS and HTML Editing

Don’t fret!  No coding is needed… Unless you WANT to code! Shopify platform doesn’t require any programming knowledge. But yet another reason why Shopify ecommerce platform is great is because you have the ability to make necessary modifications if you know how to code. This is ideal for small customizations and adjustments to make your site that much more unique!


Shopify Buy Now Button – From Almost Anywhere!

The Shopify Buy Now button can be placed on almost any external site. With a simple code snippet you copy and paste – you can add a BUY NOW button to almost any site online and have new customers ordering before you know it!  Yes you do need to copy and paste some code – but no you do not need to actually code anything.


Need More Functionality?  Don’t Stress, Check out Shopify Plugins!

Even though the Shopify platform comes loaded with tons of features – in fact really everything you need to get up and running quickly and painlessly! However, at times there may be specific functionality you want for your site, or a specific integration, or even a specific display element. Again – don’t fret – No Coding Required! Just take a quick trip to the Shopify App Store (accessible through your store back end) and have access to a plethora of Shopify Store Plugins!

Pssst… If you really want a great Shopify Cost of Goods calculating app – check out FlatPrice Profit… you know if you are looking for that kind of thing.


Have Employees? Give Them Their Own Shopify Store Profile!

If you are a bit more established or have people helping you run your new store – you will probably want to give them some sort of access to the site. Luckily, Shopify allows for the creation multiple different store profiles and the ability to set different access levels for different profiles!  Now you can have your employees help manage inventory, pricing or website promotions without having to login for them!


Content Marketing Is King – Shopify Blog Integration Helps!

These days, Content Marketing is becoming more and more important to online stores. The better your content and more focused it is on the types of products you are selling the more it helps to drive traffic to your store. Shopify as a platform is BEST at selling products online, and while it’s blogging tools are pretty limited – they are still extremely useful as a tool for you to create interesting and relevant content on your website!


So in conclusion – if you are looking at starting a new online store or migrating your current store, you should consider Shopify!  Not only for these 10 great reasons, but for the general ease and probably the closest to worry free web store launch you will experience.  Not that Shopify is perfect, but then again nothing is, right?

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