Why is SEO So Important For Ecommerce Websites?

Why is SEO So Important For Ecommerce Websites?

It does not matter if you are a single-person business or a Fortune 500 company, without strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing you are doomed to stay behind your competitors. The simple reason – search engines (mainly Google) are the first place where potential customers will look for your store‘s products and Search Engines rely heavily on SEO to help best categorize those search results. Proper SEO implementation will help your site appear right at the top of the search results. No or improper application of SEO means you and your site aren‘t in the game. Implementing SEO is especially crucial in e-commerce businesses where every customer and sale are key to the overall success of the company.

To help out our fellow Ecommerce store operators, we here at FlatPrice Apps will walk through three important benefits of search engine optimization.


SEO Allows Your Customers to Find You

Taking a look at your analytics (this can be Google Analytics or the tracking within your platform of choice (ie. Shopify)), you will likely see that most of the web traffic and conversions are coming from search engines. If this is not the case, then you should be very concerned as you are missing perhaps your biggest traffic & conversion opportunity! To put SEO importance in perspective –  almost 90% of consumers rely on search engine results to make final purchasing decisions. To begin making an immediate impact on your own to start taking advantage of SEO marketing we suggest the following steps:

  1. Develop a Keyword Strategy / List
  2. Update your Meta Page Descriptions based on your Keyword Strategy
  3. Update your On-Page content based on your Keyword Strategy

 (If you are unsure how to proceed – feel free to reach out to us here at FlatPrice Apps! Our team has extensive experience making an impact with SEO!)


SEO Is FREE + Helps Drive Down Advertising Costs!

The biggest disadvantage with paid advertising is that once you stop paying money, the traffic and sales stop coming to you. Furthermore, if you are in a very competitive niche, it is possible you may be priced out of the paid traffic market. How do you, as a smaller online store compete and win against the bigger guys?

SEO is here to the rescue in more ways than one!  First, organic (SEO) traffic from search engines is TOTALLY FREE!! Yep, No cost-per-click, no cost-per-action.  On top of that – if you take a little time to understand SEO and how to optimize your site properly – it is something you can do on your own with typically no programming experience!  If you do have budget – a quicker and easier way to get your SEO properly configured is to hire a specialist such as the FlatPrice Apps team :).

Second, a positive byproduct of properly optimizing your website will be lowering your paid advertising cost.  How?  When Advertising companies are looking at / approving the links for your ads – they want to ensure that your site content matches your ad content.  When SEO is not set up correctly or the page content is not matching your ads – they will increase the cost to show your ad and, in some cases, rarely show your ads. Updating your SEO and on-page content makes the advertisers happy and in turn make your ads more competitive both in cost and the amount they are shown!

In the end – we are not advocating cancelling your paid advertising strategies.  But we do believe that it is more important to make sure your website is in order to ensure you are getting maximum ROI on your paid advertising strategies.

(Still not sure how to attack you SEO issues? Contact FlatPrice Apps for a free site analysis!)


SEO Has Long Lasting Effects

As we mentioned before, once you stop spending money on paid advertising, the traffic pretty much stops coming. Luckily, this rules does not apply to SEO marketing. SEO for e-commerce websites is a long-term and long-lasting investment. While SEO is a bit slower process, (it is unrealistic to expect loads of traffic on day 1 of optimization) if you do everything correctly, you will see traffic  start increasing consistently and exponentially day after day. The more you continue to optimize your site, the more you can expect in return. Typically within 3-6 months a targeted and well designed SEO strategy can boost your site to first page results and potentially within the first few positions! The best part is – that while you can keep adjusting and adding on to your SEO strategy – the changes you make and keep – stick and bring you long term returns!

For people looking for the products in your store, a search engine is probably the first place they go. Implementing a proper SEO strategy will get you listed higher in the results, help those people find your store – and in turn boost your e-commerce business significantly! Waiting or putting off implementing a proper SEO Strategy means you are missing out on the thousands of visitors and potential customers search engines like Google or Bing can bring! So, optimize your site to make sure you start capitalizing TODAY on all of that glorious traffic flowing through search engines!


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