The Importance of A/B testing & Design

AB Testing and Design

The Importance of A/B testing & Design

When talking about good design practices, it must be kept in mind that the best designers always test their work and believe that there is a room for improvement. As an entrepreneur you must test everything that is presented to the user, whether it is website, landing page, email or social banners – if you want improved results, you must be ready for change.

A and B testing (also known as split testing) which is related to the comparison of two versions of similar things (Landing Pages, Email Designs, Button Colors, Call-to-actions, etc). After a test is run, then the results are analyzed and action items are recorded which can then my implemented on the next test.

Here go some of the great examples of some A/B tests that resulted in improvements and learning.

1. The Olympic Store Checkout

AB testing and design 1

The Olympic store increased their purchases by 21.8% by just removing their required sign-up at checkout.

At times when sign-up is required to checkout it can cause friction in the purchasing process and may cost revenue to the website. Here the Olympic store played it a bit differently; they let their customer checkout without any signup process. By taking away this friction point they significantly increased their purchases.

2. Google+ Tests a Promo Banner on Mobile

AB Testing and Design 2

Another example is involving Google+. Here Google tests interstitial ads. With this test mobile website user engagement was increase by 17%.

Many websites (as Pinterest, Trello, and Gmail) use interstitials in order to convert their mobile visitors into app downloads program.

Unfortunately, rather than improving the user’s experience it caused the opposite reaction.

69% of people left the mobile website right away, while 9% of the visitors clicked on the “Install” button. After they unveiled a better, less conspicuous app ad, the 1-day active users on mobile increased by 17%, while the percentage of installs stayed almost unscathed.

3. Yuppie chef’s Navigation Test

AB Testing 3

In this case just removing a navigation led to a 100% increase in conversions.

Here the website designer removed the navigation and Yuppie chef’s A/B test shows remarkable improvement. By removing distractions, this change produced a 100% increase in conversion rate.

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