Why should I advertise with Google Adwords?

Google Adwords Marketing

Why should I advertise with Google Adwords?

“Why use Adwords” is one of the most common phrases used in Google search. So many discussions have been going on for years whether it is effective and worth your money or not. Usually, those who are working in an SEO niche says it is not worth, and those who are already advertising on Google Adwords will say it is very effective. So, who is right?

Here are four reasons why you should start advertising on Google Adwords.

  1. Adwords is measurable

Unlike SEO, TV or social media marketing, Google Adwords offer an excellent opportunity to track results of all your campaigns very closely. Since Google’s natural search algorithm is a black box, Adwords has always been a great place to get information for advertisers.

  1. Adwords gives you fast results

SEO marketing, can take months until you see any tangible results. In other words, it is a long-term investment. With Google Adwords, it’s the opposite. If you have done your homework and launch high-quality campaigns, then you will get results immediately. Google Adwords is a great solution for businesses looking for short-term investments to boost their revenue.

  1. Adwords is a flexible platform

Google is interested in helping achieve good results on its platform to as many advertisers as possible. The better each ad performs, the more money Google will earn. That’s why it is interested to give you as much flexibility as possible. In Google Adwords, you can control your overall budget and prices you are willing to pay for each action. You can add various extensions, quickly stop ads that are not performing well or optimize them to do better. You can choose if you want to pay for clicks, impressions or conversions. You can target people from very broad keywords to a very specific that only a small amount of people are using. Everything is done to get better results.

  1. Adwords could help your SEO marketing

Yes, great results are achieved when Adwords and SEO specialists work together. For example, when you are making a decision for which keywords to optimize your website, you can very easily test each idea with Google Adwords. Once you find the ones that perform well, you can leave them to run until you manage to lift your website in the organic search. That way you will stay competitive in the market and won’t miss the possible income from Google.

And, there are many other ways, how Adwords could help with your SEO marketing.

As you can see, advertising on Google Adwords could be a great marketing strategy for your business. If you are considering of whether you should use Adwords or SEO, then my advice would be to choose both.  If you have never tried this platform before, here is a great tutorial Google Adwords for beginners to get a clearer view on how to use Google AdWords to achieve great results.

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