Flat Price Apps does our best to be Platform Agnostic and provide a version of each app we create across multiple different ecommerce platforms.  From Shopify to Magento to WordPress we strive to bring the same high quality price sensitive plugin apps to each platform.  The following is a list of Platforms we work with.  Click on a platform to learn more about it.




From our very first App released targeting Shopify – FlatPrice Apps has made it a focus to launch on Shopify Ecommerce Platform. Today Shopify has morphed into the most talked about shopping platform for new and smaller businesses.  The first truly hassle free all inclusive shopping platform – and all of our apps are tailored for it!



Big Commerce is a top-tier ecommerce platform that also targets new online stores as well as small to mid-size businesses looking to have a high impact ecommerce presence without the hassle of managing web development and hosting.




A classic eCommerce platform that has stood the test of time.  Magento has managed to survive numerous incarnations of the web because it is good at what it does – eCommerce.  This platform is a step up for the store owners that are looking to develop something a bit more custom than perhaps a Shopify or Big Commerce.



Has also weathered numerous storms that are the ever evolving web. Over the course of time Volusion has positioned itself as one of the top three everything included shopping platforms. Like Shopify and Big Commerce, Volusion is primarily designed for the new online store owner or the small to medium sized business that wants a great looking store front with all the bells and whistles but does not want to deal with the hassle of hosting and development.




With over 28 million downloads,Woo-Commerce is THE platform of choice for WordPress based websites. It is an easy to install FREE addition to your WordPress site and extends your business capabilities tremendously. If you are comfortable with WordPress you’ll be comfortable with Woo-Commerce!